Success is what we dream of in our lives. Knowing the tools will help us achieve it, while many people will continue to dream of it.

Achieving success means, therefore, reaching our goals. That is why we will have to be aware of what we want and once we have it clear, we will have to put action, if we will not only have desires that will never be achieved.

Is it easy to get success? Are there secrets to success? Yes, but for this, it requires a series of skills that we can not have acquired, although we can always learn them.

Be yourself; All others are already busy.

The magnificent use of irony from Wilde warns that no one should pretend to impersonate another because we are all unique.

Oscar Wilde

How to achieve success in life

Keys and practical examples to achieve success in life

Define your goals

Do you know what you want to achieve? Think about what you want to achieve and be firm with it. It establishes short and long-term objectives, which will mark the direction, and others, in the short term, that will mark the action. These must be a goal (measurable, specific, tangible, attainable, and concrete).

Discounted from the result of the action, and it is found with your purpose, in this way, you will do nothing for the result, but because it will be something you want to do. This fact repeated a number of times will lead you to a higher level, which will catapult you to get what you long for.

For example: “I want to be in shape.” If you do sports every day, you train with an online personal coach, eat healthy, and balanced, and rest well, in the end, without realizing, in a period of time, you will have improved your shape and your physique. From the other point of view, if you go to the gym one day a week, you are obsessed with your weight and do not take care of your food … What do you think will happen?

Divide your priorities

We have to know what is urgent, what is important, and what is not, the latter things are normally the ones that take away the longest of our day-to-day. To achieve what we are looking for, you have to do the important thing every day. Thus, sooner or later, if we do what needs to be done, things begin to happen.

Amounts and dates

Define what you want to achieve with a potentiating phrase (which must be positive) and specify how much you want to get and when you will get it, that is, give a date, this will make your subconscious get to work so that each day do what you have to do to achieve what you want.

What option is easier to meet?

View your goals and be grateful

Every night think about your goal, visualize it as if it were real, put in your mind images of how you feel when you get your goal, and give thanks for 3 things that have happened to you in the day and even if they are bad, take the learning of that situation. When you get up, keep your goal for that day, you will see how in the end you do it.

For example: “I want to have a partner.” I visualize how I will be with my ideal partner, what you like, what can I contribute … and I get up with the aim of going to places where I can find a partner, I will also learn from those not you receive until that day. (Many not, they take us to some yes).

The other option would be to stay at home waiting for the ideal couple to come.

Establishes a series of empowering beliefs

“Whether you believe in one thing and another, you will be right”.

Henry Ford

We all have limiting beliefs and potentiating, discovering which ones are most applicable in our lives, will lead us to be more successful or fail.

For example: “I want to have job success.” It will be different if I believe that it is best to be an official, where the essential value is security, than if, on the contrary, I think it is best to be an investor, where the value-based is uncertainty and change.

What beliefs are you about what you want to get?

Focus on what you want

What we focus on expands, in addition, the brain does not distinguish between positive and negative things, so we are going to give it emotions and thoughts that lead us to achieve our goals.

Make more and complain less

From the team, we think that the fast option is that of the complaint, the one that takes away our energy and responsibility, but that option does not lead anywhere and in the end, the only ones harmed are us. The key is to act, with a very detailed action plan and with a proactive attitude.

Be a better version of you

Do not think about anyone when we talk about personal improvement, just be better than yesterday. There are aspects that subtract energy such as: comparing, resisting change, and complaining. There are aspects that add energy: thank, ask for forgiveness, and say I love you.

For example: “I want to improve in the 10 km test.” You do not have to compare with the first of the previous year, but to obtain a better time than in our last race. After all, the key to success lies in being better than in our last 10 km race. Don’t you think that if we were all better today than yesterday, everything would make us much better?


Until we reach success, whether, in the field, we will fall again or again, the key is to know how to get more force and learn from falls.

Enjoy the way

The best thing we can do in life is to enjoy what we do, so even if we are doing it all day, it will not be a job but will happen faster than we think. Success is not to reach the top but to enjoy it, this will make it last in time.

From Andreia Silva Coach’s team, we hope to have helped you, since these keys can be used to achieve success in any objective we want to achieve.

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